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Kim Storey www.kimstoreyphotographer.com.au

Kim grew up on a fine wool merino property near Bathurst, and later worked for Elders Rural Services, but photography has always been an important part of her life.

In 2014 she settled on her own farm block just outside Eugowra, from which she now runs her photography business.

In 2016, inspired by the question “What Does a Farmer Look Like”, she set about interviewing and photographing as many farmers as she could from across the country, collating their stories into a beautiful book of more than 260 pages.

A second book followed: “Little Farmers”, in which farm and station kids introduce us to their four-legged friends, tell stories about their life on the farm and talk about their future plans.

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Harley Rustin ‘See what you take, not take what you see’

A retired magistrate now living in Bathurst, Harley was a foundation member of the Hills Photographic Society at Castle Hill which was formed in 1993.

A highly skilled member of several camera clubs since, he has been successful in competitions, and has his images published in newspapers, books and magazines.

He has worn out a number of cameras over the years and gained a great deal of experience in a diverse range of photographic subjects including macro, sports, candid and travel.

Harley’s talk will encourage us to think more carefully about what we photograph, helping to capture the essence of the subject rather than just capturing the overall subject itself, and to broaden our photographic horizons by looking at things from a different perspective.

Harley’s talk will be augmented by a number of short audio-visuals.

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Gary P Hayes www.garyphayes.photography

Gary has been taking photographs since the early 1980s and loves capturing emotive landscapes and travel photography.

He has lived in UK, USA and Australia (since 2005), currently residing in Mount Victoria in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney using it as a base to build up his catalogue of the rich local scenery of New South Wales mountains, cities and coastlines as well as world travel.

He opened his Photo Gallery next to Pulpit Rock in Mount Victoria back in 2015 and started running a range of Blue Mountains Photo workshops around the same time.

He has also produced an Intro for Photographers to the Blue Mountains and a Guide to hundreds of Blue Mountains Photo Hotspots. In the past he has done portraiture, events and in the early 2000s a photojournalist for local London tabloids. His pictures have appeared in magazines, stamps (currently the Australian $5.35), exhibitions, TV, Multimedia and newspapers including recently in Australian Geographic, Blue Mountains tourism magazines and many more.

Gary tries to find beauty in our world and has travelled extensively in Central Asia, Europe, US, Hawaii, Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Canada, North Africa, Turkey and many more places but loves coming back to NSW and the Blue Mountains.

His work varies from travel, abstract, landscapes, street photography, studio portraiture, virtual worlds, musicians, events and much more.

He enjoys capturing the land bathed in glorious sunrise or sunset light in less trodden places and shares his wealth of knowledge during workshops run from his gallery in Mount Victoria.

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